5 Reasons to Join Nikon India’s Online Photography Community- Capture With Nikon

  • 12 Jan, 2021
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Capture With Nikon, the online photography community of Nikon India, is a great place for budding and professional photographers and videographers to enhance their skills, stay abreast with the latest industry trends, showcase their work, and network with potential clients and partners. The platform is a hive of activity, featuring seasoned photographers and videographers, giving you access to tried and tested insights, exclusive online workshops, privileges and benefits, as well as real-time access to updates and promos on Nikon products. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable benefits that you stand to receive from joining the Nikon India online photography community.

1. Gain Tried and Tested Insights

Professional photography involves a number of skills and a great deal of knowledge. The blog section of the Nikon India online photography community puts you right at the intersection of a vibrant exchange of proven knowledge, experiences, tips, and techniques that can go a long way in helping you expand your creative vision. From hard skills and soft skills to ingenious project ideas, you get unfettered access to everything on one easy-to-navigate platform.

2. Participate in Online Workshops

The Nikon online photography community regularly hosts various online workshops touching on different subjects in the photography and videography spectrum. The webinars are convened on Google Meet by experts drawn from Nikon technical staff and members of the community. Topics that are covered encompass a broad range from helping you get the most from your gear and zooming-in on areas such as wedding, wildlife, landscape photography to vlogging.

3. Be the First to Receive Updates and Promos

Members of our online photography community also get real-time access to exclusive updates and promos on a whole range of Nikon gear. The updates are for Nikon camera users and designed to help them keep up-to-date with important firmware and other upgrades. The promos, on the other hand, give you a range of exclusive deals, allowing you to realise great saving on new gear or get free products when you upgrade your creative arsenal.

4. Get your Work Featured

The Nikon online photography community is also a great launchpad to take your creative work to a wider and more targeted audience. You can submit your still and video work to get it featured on the Nikon photography community platform. The submission should be complete with information such as the type of camera you use, your social media profiles, and technical details pertaining to the shots being submitted.

5. Get Exclusive Privileges and Benefits

By becoming a member of the Nikon Premium Member (NPM) program, you get access to a range of perks. The premium membership entitles you to a wealth of privileges and benefits, including exclusive workshops, personalized attention at Nikon Service Facility, discounts on labor charges, and gear servicing. To qualify, you have to a professional photographer or videographer and own:

  • 2 Nikon Cameras (1 Mirrorless Z series Camera Body + 1 Camera Body of D7000 Series or Above) & 3 NIKKOR Lenses, OR
  • 3 Nikon Cameras (2 FX Camera Bodies + 1 Camera Body of D7000 Series or Above) & 3 NIKKOR Lenses

Wrap Up

Join our online photography community today and be a part of a vibrant exclusive club. You get to network with other photographers and sharpen your hard and soft skills. Submit your work and get it featured, be part of online workshops, get some Nikon photography tips and techniques, or become a Nikon premium member for a range of exclusive benefits. To get answers to all your questions, call 1800-102-7346.