• 06 Sep, 2019
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Ever had the experience of your DSLR suddenly refusing to shoot? Or not being able to get your DSLR to do something? It can get pretty desperate in these times. Relax! No need to rush to the nearest Nikon service centre immediately. Here’s a list of some common DSLR problems and their easy troubleshooting. Of course, beyond these it may be service issue for which heading to an authorised service center is advised.
Shutter release disabled :- If the camera does not respond even after pressing the shutter release button, check one of these –
  • No memory card is inserted and release locked is selected for ‘slot empty release lock’
  • Self-timer mode or remote mode is selected
  • Focus is not locked, ensure focus is achieved
  • Mirror up mode is selected. Press shutter release button twice to take a picture.
  • Battery may be low. Check and replace battery if low.
Camera not focusing :-
  • Manual focus mode is selected on lens or body
  • Single point or dynamic AF is selected and point is aimed at a plane surface. Look for a subject with contrast.
Wrong subject in focus :-
  • Auto area mode is and subject is behind some obstacle.
  • Focus point selected does not cover the subject. Move the point on the subject.
  • Subject too close to the camera. Move away from the subject.
Images are darker or brighter than normal :-
  • Exposure compensation is on in P,S and A modes. Set compensation to zero.
  • Spot metering is selected. Select Matrix metering.
  • Manual exposure mode is selected and settings are incorrect. Set correct parameters by following camera’s exposure meter.
  • Exposure bracketing mode is on. Turn bracketing off.
Focus points cannot be selected
  • Focus point lock switch is in lock position.
  • Auto area is selected for focus area modes.
Blurred image in viewfinder
  • Viewfinder diopter adjustment control is set to different position. Put it to default position or as per your eye power.
Display turns off without warning :-
  • Choose longer delays from ‘Standby timer’ and ‘monitor off delay’ options in custom settings menu C2 or C4.
Camera is taking time to shoot continuously :-
  • Use a faster memory card. (with higher mbps value)
  • File size is very high (RAW or RAW+JPEG setting is selected)
  • Buffer memory is full. Allow the buffer memory to refresh, by waiting for a few seconds.
Camera shooting a few seconds after shutter release is pressed :-
  • Self-timer is on
  • Exposure delay mode is on. Turn it off.
Some menu items cannot be selected :-
  • Auto or scene modes are selected in the mode dial. Select P,S, A or M modes to access all menu items.
Cannot change shutter speed beyond 1/200s :-
  • Built-in flash in on. Push the flash back in.
  • Choose auto FP high speed sync mode with compatible external flashes.
Flash is not firing after the first shot
  • Continuous shooting mode is on. Select single release mode from the release mode option.
Built in flash is too bright or too dim :-
  • Manual option is selected in ‘flash control for built in flash’. Change it to TTL or select an appropriate output.
Detailed description of these troubleshooting measures are given in your camera’s instruction manual. It is recommended that the manual is studied properly and repeatedly to understand all the troubleshooting measures. For further troubleshooting options, you can seek help from this link – https://www.nikonimgsupport.com/eu/BV_article?articleNo=000006468&configured=1&lang=en_GB