• 05 Sep, 2019
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Inspired by a glorious past, but designed for the future, the Z series full-frame mirrorless cameras have ushered in a new era in the history of Nikon’s imaging devices. The Z series is a camera system that will impress the still and video photographer equally, but these two Nikon machines have been making headlines as state-of-the-art film-making tools ever since their launch.

Here, we list a few of the features that make the Z series state-of-the-art film-making tools.


AF system optimized for video shooting with wide coverage :-

The Z series utilizes hybrid autofocus (AF) developed specifically for the Z system, along with a new AF algorithm to provide autofocus performance optimized for movies. With 435-point focal-plane phase-detection AF in Z7 and 231-point focal-plane phase-detection AF in Z6, almost the entire frame is covered by the AF system. The hybrid AF system provides automatic switching between phase-detect and contrast-detect AF. Seamless compatibility with the NIKKOR Z series lenses produces quieter AF that prevents noise being recorded.

In FX-based movie format with single-point AF

AF-C Mode during Video Recording :-

The familiar AF-C mode, now usable in video recording, allows you to control when to start and stop AF during a shot, by pressing the AF-ON button.


Adjustable AF Speed and Tracking Sensitivity :-

Shifting focus with varying speeds is a technique often used in film-making. Nikon Z series allows you to control this aspect of AF operations, with adjustable AF speed and tracking sensitivity. Cinematic effects can be achieved by using slow AF while dramatic effects can be created by shifting focus fast. AF speed can be adjusted in 11 steps, while AF tracking speed can be adjusted in 7 steps.

Touch focus using the touchscreen LCD monitor is also a great tool for AF control during shooting.

Z Series Lenses Optimised For Videos :-

Along with providing quieter AF with their newly developed stepping motors, the Z series lenses are designed to minimise shifts in the angle of view when focusing (breathing). The new control ring can be customised for quietly adjusting focus, aperture or exposure compensation.


Full-Frame 4K UHD AND Full HD 120P/100P :-

Both the Z7 and Z6 offer 16:9 4K UHD videos at frame rates of 30, 25 and 24 fps. Higher frame rates of 120, 100 and 60 fps can also be chosen with full HD (1080p) (in DX-based movie format) for more control and options in post-production.

In addition, in-camera slow motion in Full HD (DX based) at ×4 and ×5 speeds allow instant slow motion video shooting.

High resolution Time-lapses :-

With the Z7 and Z6, you can shoot both in-camera time lapses at 4K UHD format, or shoot up to 9,999 full resolution stills with no shutter vibration using the Interval Timer, then combine them into one 8K movie (in Z 7) and 4K movie (in Z 6) with 3rd party software. 


Richer Tonality for Professional Post-Production: 10-BIT N-LOG  

For professional quality footage with very high dynamic range, 10-bit N-log output is supported with compatible HDMI output devices. This captures approximately 64 times more data and a wide dynamic range. High amount of details in highlights and shadows and more effective colour-grading can be achieved in post-processing with this level of video output.

To be sure of the final look of your footage, the new view assist function displays gradation compensation during N-log recording.

Unparalleled ISO performance :-

With superb performance even at high ISO values, the Z series cameras keep producing videos with excellent colours and details. The auto ISO feature makes you worry free while shooting with fixed exposure settings in changing ambient light conditions.


Five-Axis In-Camera VR and Electronic Vibration Reduction

The Z series cameras use a five-axis in-camera vibration reduction system to compensate for camera shake caused by the most common hand-held camera movements. Stabilization can be further enhanced with the addition of Electronic VR. The in-camera VR algorithm is refined for optical lens based VR performance. The “Sport” VR mode, compensates for vibration during movie recording.

With F mount lenses attached to the Z series camera with the FTZ mount adapter, the in-camera VR system produces 3 axis vibration reduction.  

Tilting TFT touch-sensitive LCD :-

With 170° viewing angle, approximately 100% frame coverage, color balance and 11-level manual brightness controls, the intuitive touchscreen LCD of the Z6 and Z7 are highly useful for video shooters. It can be used for many functions, including navigating menus, adjusting settings, reviewing shots, selecting focus and even shooting photos and videos, all quickly and easily.


Furthermore, the Z series cameras are compatible with a wide range of third party accessories like gimbals, focus rigs, sliders, monitors, etc. to fulfill every film-maker’s needs.

With features like these and more to offer, the Z series cameras have already established themselves as state of the art video shooting tools. With time and further additions to the line-up, the Z series is set to become a favored option for filmmakers all over the world.