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Rejaul Arsad

Rejaul Arsad is a wedding photographer from Assam, who is fascinated by the photographs that portray human emotions. Rejaul enjoys shooting candid because it’s how you get the best out of a moment, turning moments into memories. He is the owner of Cupid Dreams, a Guwahati-based photography service. They are experts in capturing flicker of fairy tale that every wedding is about. They always try to bring out the charms and sentiments of a romantic story, told in vivid colours and eternalised forever with high definition pictures, and with a promise to deliver the same emotions every time you flick the pages.


Nikon Z 6 | 24mm | f/10 | 30s | ISO 100
Nikon Z 6 | NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S | 24mm | f/4 | 2s | ISO 250