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Widely regarded as one of the top photographers of India, Vijayeesam has come a long way starting imaging with a d300, funded by 15 strangers to realize his dream of becoming a Professional Photographer, to now, a team of 100, consisting of photographers, cinematographers and post processing team, with In-House Music Composition for Wedding Films. With a Vision to provide a meaningful and yet a proud artistic work to clients

His fine art approach coupled with a tendency to break rules and push the boundaries, has not only led to shoot destination weddings in USA to across the globe, but also to a decade of happy clients and numerous publications.

He is also known in the photography industry, for his highly successful community meet-up initiative called eesam inspiration club, where he seeks and share inspiration. And also his series of one-day workshop named 10 secrets of Wedding Photography, which immensely helps amateur photographers in growing their desiring of being a wedding photographer.

His most recent passion is to incorporate artificial intelligence and computer vision, into photography, in order to reduce human efforts in post production, and in-turn letting the creators, focus on creating amazing art. He is most excited about the Ai-Startup he is working on, with a team of engineers, which helps in automating post-production
Non-profit giving back initiative, Help a Bride NGO, which helps and supports brides, from BPL families, with a motive of every bride deserves a dream wedding.