#ThroughHerLens: The Season 2 of Nikon’s Women Photography Contest is Here!

  • 05 Feb, 2021
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Nikon India, with an aim to encourage and inspire women photographers and videographers in the country, has announced the second season of the #ThroughHerLens contest. The contest presents an opportunity to women photographers and videographers to showcase their creative genius and get a chance to win some of the latest cameras from the Nikon lineup. Sounds exciting? Keep reading as we present a brief overview of the Season 2 of #ThrougHerLens contest.

Continuing the Saga

The second edition of the Nikon’s photography and videography competition is a natural follow-up to the overwhelming response received by the first season. Women photographers and videographers participated in huge numbers and shared some of the most amazing entries for the first season of #ThroughHerLens. The second season is expected to attract an even greater number of entries.


The second season of #ThroughHerLens contest is accepting entries in both photography and videography segments. Top submissions in both segments will get to win exciting rewards, which include the all-new Z 6II, Z 50, D780, and D5600 kits. The participants can submit their still ad video entries in the following categories:


  • 1. Empowerment
  • 2. Courage


  • 1. Ambition
  • 2. Innocence
  • How to Participate

    Whether you capture breathtaking stills or stunning videos, you can participate in the latest edition of the women photography contest. Depending on the theme you chose, you would either have to upload a photo or a 60-90 second video on your social media account using the hashtag #ThroughHerLens and write a caption describing your intention behind the photo or video you have shot. Tag @NikonIndiaOfficial and at least five of your friends while posting. Once done, you need to submit your entry at the contest page hosted on Nikon India’s community website - https://www.capturewithnikon.in/through-her-lens. Please note that only Indian female photographers and videographers over the age of 18 are eligible to participate.

    The Jury

    All the photography and videography entries will be thoroughly evaluated by a team of acclaimed industry veterans - Smita Sharma, Richa Maheswari, Soumi Goswami, and Latika Nath, who are known for their expertise in photojournalism, fashion, wedding, and wildlife photography, respectively. The expert jury will consider a number of parameters to assess the entries and decide the winners.

    Participate Today!

    Nikon India’s contest for women, #ThroughHerLens, not only gives you a chance to win some of the latest Nikon cameras out there, but also allows you to showcase your talent to the patrons of the brand. Get inspired, create, and share your best work. Submit your entries by 20th February, 2021. To learn more about upcoming contests, improve your skills, or network with top talent, join Nikon’s online photography community - www.CaptureWithNikon.com. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, simply call 1800-102-7346.