• 05 Sep, 2019
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Do you worry yourself like crazy to shoot the perfect picture every time you pick up your camera? Of course, we all do! But once in a while it's relaxing to not think too much about the results and just have some fun with your camera.

Here's a bunch of whacky ideas which may not please the puritans but will surely give you some fun moments with your camera. And don't you worry about the results, as they will be as crazy as the ideas themselves.


Blurs :-

We try so hard to avoid them, but let's intentionally blur everything using slow shutter speeds. Let's move our cameras in different ways or move ourselves or shoot moving subjects at slow shutter speeds. The results might surprise you! Use low ISO and shoot in low light as slow shutter speeds allow more light to enter the camera.


Defocus :-

Our cameras use a number of high-tech processes to ensure our subjects are in sharp focus. But we're trying to be whacky, right? So, let's try to heavily de-focus things and take a different look at them. Since autofocus is meant to give us correct focus, the easiest way to do this is with manual focus. Just rotate the focusing ring to make the subjects appear defocused.


Upside down :-

Turn the camera upside down and have loads of fun with the crazy visuals!


Distortions :-

Go widest on your zoom lens and then go close to your subjects. For even more dramatic effects, use a low or high angle. Do it with people and pets to get funny effects!


Going close :-

Go as close as possible to everyday subjects to get their details. You can ask friends to guess what the subject is. You can crop the image to show only a certain portion as a clue, or better still, use a macro lens.


Point up :-

Point the camera up at whatever you see. You may end up with a bunch of amazing shots with a whole new perspective.


Double exposure :-

Expose two different frames on top of each other using in-camera multiple exposure mode, or the image overlay option in retouch menu (works with NEF files only).


Flares :-

Normally we try our best to avoid flares from entering our frames, or to get a well-placed one. For a whacky project, point your camera directly towards a light source, under-expose the shot, and repeat until you are happy with the result.


Remember, the idea is to have some fun with your camera and getting surprised with the results. Do follow the fundamentals of photography once you are done with this project. Or, just keep doing it!