Isaac Sam V - Nikon Mentors

Isaac Sam V

Photography is both a passion and a profession for Issac Sam. Introduced to the art of photography during his early childhood, Issac started capturing people and events at an early age of 10 years. He began his career as an advertising graphic designer all the while supplementing clients' comps with his photographs. Some of those meticulously shot images put on the comps influenced a large tourism client who asked Issac to do the shoot instead. This won him many accolades which commenced his transition to commercial photography.
Today, Issac does regular commercial photography for advertising agencies and also for independent clients. His advertising work is regularly published in Trade, Business and Lifestyle magazines in India and abroad. He has also been assigned by several international organizations including The National Library of Israel, to execute photo documentaries. He is much sought after for Architectural Conservation Photography by clients in the USA.